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Evans Dog Personal Checks are not just slips of paper that allow you to make payments from your bank account to individuals or companies – they’re your style statement. Express yourself with Evans Dog checks!

Evans Dog Personal Checks

Features Of Evans Dog Personal Checks

Bank checks should contain the identity of the check writer and the bank and Evans Dog personalized checks display them prominently. Your name, address and telephone number are printed clearly on Evans Dog themed personal checks.

Evans Dog Checks

  • Evans Dog personal checks are printed using methods that exceed (or meet) all security standards.
  • Evans Dog personalized checks are guaranteed to work with your bank or financial institution.
  • Evans Dog themed personal checks come in various dynamic scenes in the checkbook for you to enjoy.
  • Ample space is provided to write down the date, payee’s name (after “Pay to the order of”), amount written in numbers, amount written in words and your signature on Evans Dog art personal checks.
  • Evans Dog stylized personal checks also include “Memo” line, where additional information can be jotted down, if desired.
  • The information necessary for processing your Evans Dog personal checks – the check number, account number and bank routing number – is printed along the bottom with MICR ink.
  • Evans Dog checks are printed through state-of-the-art technology that exceeds all American Bankers' Association specifications as well as guidelines and specifications set by banks and credit unions.
  • Evans Dog personal checks are standard size 2 3/4″ x 6″ and totally secure and are accepted by all banks and financial institutions.
  • You can protect your Evans Dog checks from identity theft and fraud through EZShield program. This option is available when you personalize your Evans Dog personalized checks.

Evans Dog Personalized Checks

Coordinated Items With Evans Dog Personal Checks

Evans Dog Checkbook Cover.
Evans Dog Deposit Tickets.
Evans Dog Wallet.
Evans Dog Address Labels.
Evans Dog Personalized Stamp.
Evans Dog Debit Card Holder.

Evans Dog Checkbook Cover features slip-in personal checks pocket along with clear duplicate check divider. Evans Dog checkbook cover is a premium nylon thread stitched construction that also has extra pocket to hold receipts and cash.

Evans Dog Deposit Tickets come in a set of 100 deposit slips. Although not Evans Dog themed, these feature 13 extra lines on back side of slip.

Evans Dog Wallet is 3-sided zippered closure for extra security. It is a display of full-color high quality reproduction of Evans Dog artistic design. This Evans Dog themed wallet boasts of a window pocket for your ID and pockets that can hold up to 4 credit cards. Extra pockets that can hold your cash and receipts are also provided in Evans Dog art wallet.

Evans Dog Address Labels are convenient and easy to use self-adhesive return address labels. These Evans Dog return address labels come in 150 quantity in flat easy-to-use sheets. Evans Dog self-adhesive return address labels can be used to personalize your file-folders, books, note-books, CDs and more. And of course, Evans Dog address labels can be used on packages and envelopes.

Evans Dog Personalized Stamp comes with a free black ink cartridge which will give you 10,000 impressions. Although not Evans Dog themed, there are unlimited number of interchangeable design possibilities, thanks to its unique Peel & Stick stamps. Separate center designs and outer ring can be easily peeled off to customize your Evans Dog name stamp. You can use it along with Evans Dog address labels to personalize your books, scrapbooks, stationery, gift tags, cards and of course, envelopes. Full imprint of the Evans Dog stamp measures around 1-5/8″ and gives clear, crisp impressions with non-PVC, non-lead polymer die.

Evans Dog Debit Card Holder features genuine leather interior with a window slot for your picture ID. It presents vivid, full-color Evans Dog art reproduction and is perfect for your credit and debit cards.

How Your Evans Dog Personal Checks Are Processed

Your Evans Dog personal checks are still checks, so all the normal check processing rules apply. Unlike paying through debit cards, where the payment is debited from your account immediately, when you pay through your Evans Dog check, it should be presented, accepted and processed by the bank.

Internal Processing Of Your Evans Dog Personal Checks

If the person whom you have issued your Evans Dog personalized check to, deposits it in the same bank (even if another branch), your check becomes an “on-us” check. The bank simply takes the money out of your account and credits it to the person who has deposited your Evans Dog check.

Clearinghouse Processing Of Your Evans Dog Personalized Checks

When you pay with your Evans Dog themed personal check to a person who banks with another institution, two banks become involved. Now your Evans Dog check would to sent to a clearinghouse, which clears the check and takes the money out of your account and transfers it to the recipient's account.

Top 10 Tips For Making Payments Securely With Evans Dog Personal Checks

  1. Keep a record of all the transactions done through your Evans Dog Personal Checks.
  2. Ensure you have sufficient funds available before issuing your Evans Dog personalized checks so that they don’t get bounced.
  3. Transactions through your Evans Dog themed checks or not, always protect your personal financial information.
  4. Always keep your Evans Dog themed personal checks in a secure place.
  5. Never ever leave your Evans Dog Stylized Personal Checks lying around unattended in public areas.
  6. Check regularly that all the unused Evans Dog art personal checks are remaining in the checkbook.
  7. Use your Evans Dog personal checks in serial number order.
  8. Use reasonably large size writing on your Evans Dog personalized checks.
  9. Draw a line through the unused writing space on Evans Dog checks so that no extra details can be added by unauthorized people.
  10. Don’t leave large spaces between written words as well as the $ sign and the numbers inserted in the amount box of your Evans Dog art checks.

Evans Dog personal checks are a wonderful addition to any bag or pocketbook. Each Evans Dog theme check you write is sure to bring a smile to your face because, you will be sharing your love, feelings and thoughts with your friends, family and the world! So, why depend on banks for bland checks (and pay more) when you can order Evans Dog checks online easily. With every check you write, you’ll be able to express yourself loud and clear with Evans Dog personal checks.

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